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Why Choose Authentic Roof and our roofing slate?
Authentic Roof is not a copy or poor quality imitation. Authentic Roof is “the Original”; a unique example of genuine “innovation” of synthetic roofing slates.
What consumers need to know?
It is important to note that Authentic Roof is not a copy or poor quality imitation of slates. Authentic Roof is “the Original”; a unique example of genuine “innovation” of roof slates.

A Word From Us

“What an exceptional product! its beauty, its strength and its versatility. Authentic Roof combines all the age-old qualities and reliability of the slate roof system with modern new age technologies to come up with a light weight, maintenance free, recycled and recyclable roofing product that pays respect to centuries old tried and tested slate roof installation practices. Where else can you find a roofing product that offers all this? with over 30 years’ experience in the roof repair market we can say on good authority that there is no maintenance free roofing product on the market… until now.

Part of Authentic Roof’s appeal to us is its ability to save our clients’ money in the future. the fixed costs of maintenance are constantly rising, it can cost thousands of dollars just to access the roof before any maintenance has been carried out. When installed using lifespan compatible support materials, Authentic Roof will take you out of the maintenance cycle even in times of the destructive nature of the storms that Australia is experiencing time and time again. No other roofing product on the market can make this claim, therefore we chose to align ourselves with Authentic Roof. We have witnessed firsthand the devastation and heartbreak that a storm damaged roof can cause.

A roof can be fixed but what it protects cannot be so easily replaced. We are driven to provide the best possible roofing product possible. We believe we have found it in Authentic Roof. We work under the philosophy of “Tradesmen Not Salesmen” our focus is firmly fixed on providing our clients with support and technical backup that compliments this fantastic product. Beware the imitations, there is only one Original polymer roof slate, Authentic Roof”

What we offer


Our slate is about a quarter of the weight of natural slate per square metre.This means you won’t need extra roof support.


Perfectly designed to withstand the world’s harshest climatic conditions, all VELUX products are of the highest quality and will perform superbly for a lifetime of faultless service.


A Gazebo is just what you need to create your own piece of paradise in the comfort of your backyard and experience the best of outdoor living Investing in a new Bali Hut.

Why Roof Slates


Easy to install

Our slate is much quicker, easier and safer to install. If you know about proper roofing procedure and are working on a small project (like a gazebo), you might even be able to do it yourself. Find out more about installing this slate.

Easy to maintain

The slates won’t split, fade or corrode. The surface is also designed to hide scratches and resist mould—your roof will look the same for decades after you install it. Find out more about these features.

Very light

Our slate is about a quarter of the weight of natural slate per square metre. This means you won’t need extra roof support when you install it—saving you time and money.


This makes them perfect for a curved roof, Indonesian-inspired gazebo or pool house.


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